Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 257

Hey guys

Welcome to snowed in! Snowed in is a lifestyle blog about the day to day craziness experienced by me (John) and my wife (Lizvette). 

I guess my introductory post should be just that, an introduction. But introductions are boring, and I don't feel like talking about how uninteresting I am so I will just jump into my day, which was day 257. 

Work was the same usual drag that it was and it is days like today that make me stare out of the window and ponder what life would be like if I just ran off with a pack of camels and lived like one of them. Sometimes I envy animals for how easy they seem to have it, then I realize that every day is a battle for survival and I think natural selection would of had me cut off a while back had it not been for mankind removing itself from the food chain. 

The only animals that I truly envy are my dogs. My dogs live the freaking American dream. They get to poop wherever they want, pee wherever they want, and at they are always guaranteed everything they need in life and then some. They way my dogs live are equivalent to the way rich kids in Beverly Hills live: reckless, without consequence, and at maximum capacity of not give a damn. 

Aside from pondering what life as a camel would be like and sitting in envy of my pets while pondering the mysteries of the universe, my day was pretty normal. I miss the heck out of Everly and Lizvette, and being away from them really sucks but we all know that it is for a greater good. Today marks the two month mark of my time here, and I cannot WAIT until the day that we all get to be together again. 

I have told lots of people the story about how sticky notes were invented lately, and it really makes me hope that something staring at me in the face right now that I am failing to recognize exposes itself soon. The short story of sticky notes is that the man who invented them was actually on an endeavor to create the worlds most powerful adhesive who failed horribly. His end product after years of research, money, and development was the worlds weakest adhesive. Can you imagine trying to make super glue but end up with the crap that holds sticky notes together? Talk about FML! 

From this point, he realized that the adhesive was only useful for sticky two pieces of paper together, and viola sticky notes are born! It is crazy that the greatest accomplishments can rise from our biggest failures... 

Moral of the story: try. If that doesn't work, suck it up and try again. If you aren't failing at something it means you aren't pushing yourself or a boundary hard enough. Didn't some guy challenge us to think different? 


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